In the church world the word, “season” gets tossed around A LOT. People are typically referring to a new way of life that is coming about. I’ve used this phrase in many conversations with friends and family to talk about where God has me in whatever place I’m at. I really like this idea of seasons. Tangibly, we are aware of seasons such as winter, spring, summer, and fall. People often get excited about one or two seasons in particular and dread one or more of the others. Seasons symbolize a lot more than just weather, though.

Summer is a time for the spirit to be free from worry, outside entertainment such as concerts or festivals, and loads of pool time. Summer is also an intense time of fruit and maintenance of growth from spring.

Fall is a time for football, cool nights by the bonfire, chili cookouts, and pumpkin-flavored everything. Fall also symbolizes the start of pruning and the death of old ways or habits.

Winter is a time of reflection, cancelled school/class because of snow, stylish winter coats, scarves, and boots, and hot drinks. Winter is also a time of waiting, preparation, and pruning.

Spring is a time of fresh smells, return of bright colors, and plants, trees, and flowers rising up. Spring is also a time of fresh perspective, newness, and regrowth.

I like this symbolism of change. Even God made nature as something that is constantly changing. I love that our God decided that we can enjoy so many great things in every season. We aren’t made to stay the same. Our lives are constantly changing, people are in and out, lessons are being learned, things are falling apart, things are coming together, community is formed, hearts are broken, risks are being taken, etc.

I would consider this season of life fall. A lot of things are being stripped away from me in order for God to continue to shape and form me into the woman He wants me to become. I have decided to dedicate my life to overall wellness. It’s been pretty freakin’ hard, if I’m honest. I want results now. I’m working out and eating well so where are the results?! Oh and I still want to do everything that I’ve been doing, but I can’t have it all. This is where the pruning comes in, things I want are being stripped away for something I want more. But the thing that scares me the most is that winter comes after fall. If fall is already difficult, then I REALLY don’t want to visit winter.

But then comes spring and summer. And even though fall and winter are difficult and much is to be learned in those seasons of life, it only makes spring and summer that much sweeter. Life is constantly like this. Areas of our lives are always going through these seasons. One may be going through winter, whereas another may be going through summer. The thing that I know for sure is that God is good through it all. He doesn’t show up only in the good times. He’s there in those tough seasons as well.

Something I need to remember is that whoever I am right now in this moment is the person I’m meant to be.  I know that sounds redundant and elementary but what I mean is this: I can’t focus on the person I want  to become in other seasons. I have wasted so many days, months, and years of my life “can’t waiting” to get somewhere in life. All semester long, I couldn’t wait for it to end. And then ONE DAY it ended. I couldn’t wait for high school to end all throughout senior year. And then ONE DAY I graduated.

It’s one day. ONE DAY. Let that sink in for a minute. We desire after that “one day”,  but just like all the other days it happens, and then what? What comes next? Our souls are constantly searching for something good. For something we can have and hold onto forever. We will never arrive at this completely because we are not home yet. This earth is not the final destination and because of that we will always be seeking and desiring for the “can’t wait”. I’m not saying that we should never look forward to anything ever again. I’m saying think about this perspective that life comes one day at a time. We aren’t meant to lust after something that hasn’t happened yet. Get excited about it? Yes. Be joyful when it happens? Yes. But to find our identity in the “can’t wait” gets us in loads of trouble. It leads to so much insecurity.

Fortunately, we can come pretty close to finding joy in the ordinary and basic everyday without craving and desiring the future version of ourselves. Jesus wants to meet us here. He wants His kingdom to collide with earth. So even though we aren’t home yet, we can still access so many joys from a relationship with our Savior. Even though I am tempted see future or past Angela, Jesus sees present Angela and wants to use me where I’m at.