The Bride

Weddings. There are so many words I could use to describe the beauty of a wedding. There are so many parts to a wedding that make it beautiful.

I can only imagine being the bride.

The morning you wake up & realize you are going to marry your best friend. It’s the last few hours of singleness. You roll out of bed whimsically to start the preparation for a huge day of celebration. You get dressed with such joy to go & see your bridal party, the ones that are the closest and dearest to your heart. In true womanly fashion, all the ladies are beaming with you as everyone fixes their hair and make-up as well as share memories they have with you. Everyone is radiant, but none more radiant than you. Finally as you put the dress on, it all becomes real. Everyone stops to soak in the moment and live in the beauty that you possess. Inside and out. Squeals are probably happening at this point as everyone is on the verge of tears to see you off into the ceremony that will change your life forever.

At this point, the groom can’t wait to see you. All of the guys are bantering about silly things, but also living and basking in the joy that the groom has as he is getting ready for this day. Everyone can tell the love he has for you. Everyone can see it in his smile, and the way he talks about you. The groom’s anticipation to see you is out of this world. He can’t wait to fix is eyes on his most beloved.

Everyone arrives at the ceremony, people are walking into the chapel talking about how amazing this wedding is going to be, how beautiful you will be when you walk in. As the wedding party lines up to walk in, the whole congregation is silent, waiting in eager anticipation as each bridesmaid & groomsman walk in. Smiles are upon the faces of everyone.

As you are waiting, praying, and anticipating the biggest event of your life, all you can think about is how amazing your great Father in heaven is. How he ordained such a ceremony between man and woman. Your stomach is filled with nerves and excitement as you go to meet your father. He looks at you with “daddy eyes” and tells you how amazing you are and how sad he is to see his precious baby girl leave his side. As you two share your last little moment together, the doors open, the music plays. Your eyes are on the groom. Everyone around rises to see you and admire your beauty and radiance. But your eyes are on your man and his eyes on you. As you are taking in the moment and the attention of everyone around you, you are fighting back tears of joy. Your heart wants to burst with excitement! As your father gives you over to this man, your heart is saddened because you are no longer the inheritance of your father, you are now one with this new man. A bittersweet moment.

As vows and rings are being shared, your man looks down at you with deep love and compassion. He can NOT take his eyes off you. You do the same. Neither of you can wait to kiss and seal the deal as man and woman. As the preacher announces that your soon-to-be-husband can kiss you to mark the official seal of marriage, your heart can’t take it anymore. You both finally go in for that kiss! Everyone in the room shouts, hollers, and screams for joy! Finally, the covenant is made! The two of you have become one. Praise be to the father!

Celebration ensues. Lots and lots and lots of dancing, laughing, eating, sharing stories and silliness for hours to come as you celebrate with people who you love with all your heart. Nothing can top this!

Holy cow, what a day.

I’ve only ever been on the other side of this moment. But I can imagine the day typically goes something like this.

Here’s why I love weddings. They paint a near-perfect illustration of Christ’s love for his people. Go back & read this as if the church is the bride and Jesus is the groom. Aside from the kissing, perhaps, this is how God sees his church when we finally enter into the kingdom of heaven! Wow, what an incredible God we have to give us a small glance into his love for us.

I don’t know why God created marriage, but I’m sure glad he gave us that gift. This celebration is such a blast to be a part of. Each summer, more and more friends get married. All I can say is that I can’t wait to be a part of many more celebrations to come!

One day, I will be that bride. But until then, I will wait. I won’t wait in sadness, I will wait in the joy that I’m already loved and taken aback by my Father in heaven. There is someone out of there for me, but I will wait in anticipation for this man to show me love that can only come from one amazing God. Goodness, I can’t wait for that day.