I just recently looked at my stats for the year 2014. Sometimes I do this to see the numbers, views, etc. But as I looked at my annual report (the real fancy one) I was utterly SHOCKED at some of the stats from last year.

My blog website had a whopping 1300 views from 11 different countries. These countries included, the U.S., Canada, Belize, Honduras, Nigeria, India, Spain, Portugal, Sweden, and a few others. It blows my mind to think that my little blog could be on people’s computer screens in other countries. I’m just a little Louisvillian girl writing from the heart. But when you pair that with the internet and word of mouth, anything is possible.


By reviewing these stats I realized something: ANYONE has the power to change the world with words. I have no idea if my blogs have had any kind of impact on the people who read them, but I can continue writing regardless of who reads. I usually never write as if I want thousands of people to read. I don’t have a lot of followers or a large audience. I don’t normally have a blog “theme”. I just write to process my thoughts and feelings. I want to share them so that other people can take a look at their life and process their own thoughts as well.

I like to write in this intimate form of writing. Unfortunately, for an English major, my grammar, sentence structure, and overall writing style isn’t exactly ideal, but I care about the message, the thought, the emotion of what I’m writing. Writing from the heart will always be my favorite way to write, but I hope I can write something that truly and honestly encourages and challenges people to think differently when they come across my page.

To those who have supported, encouraged, and challenged me to keep writing: thank you. I deeply feel that love. This post is a shoutout to all you lovely people.

But also to those who write, whether you’re a famous author or a community blogger: keep pursuing your thoughts, keep stretching your mind, keep sharing those moments, those revelations from God. This post is for you, too.

You really never know what your words can do for someone else. So keep writing.




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